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Gig-Hub: Videography/Photography/Art Skill Pool (Summer 2019)

Gig-Hub: Videography/Photography/Art Skill Pool, Summer 2019

Whether you are telling a story or selling a product, the visual arts can bring the process to life. Companies need artists, photographers and videographers to design, illustrate, document and demonstrate their products and services. For instance, a business opening in a new space needs an artistic touch -- sketches, paintings, photographs, digital art, murals -- to entice and instill confidence in their customers or clients. Some projects will have very specific requirements for the work to be produced, others will have more space for creativity. Many videography gigs will involve recording workshops, events, speakers, etc. for local organizations. In some cases, it may require post-production work as well.

NOTE for VIDEOGRAPHY: Gig-Hub will supply the necessary equipment and software for videography gigs. Also, if you do not have the requisite experience for video gigs, but are interested in learning - please still apply. Through the Gig-Hub program, we will be able to arrange apprenticeship-style training with other students.

What is Gig-Hub?
Gig-Hub offers students real-world experience with startup companies and other professionals who offer short-term, limited-scope projects, or “gigs,” for pay. Gig-Hub is an on-campus job, even if the company is based off-campus. Many projects are open to students with basic skills in a general area who are eager to apply those skills outside of the academic setting. However, some projects require previous experience or very specific skills, so it is important that applicants clearly describe their skill level and past experience in their resume. Applicants may also use the optional portfolio document to provide examples of relevant experience.

How do I get hired and paid?
Students apply to one or more “skill pools” within the Gig-Hub program; each is listed as a separate position in Handshake. The Hurt Hub will hire as many as 50 students across the 8 skill pools; however, being hired in a skill pool does not guarantee any particular amount of hours or pay. When a startup or company submits a project request, The Hurt Hub advertises that project to students who are in the relevant skill pool. You’ll have 24-36 hours to confirm your interest and availability for that gig.

The requesting company will review student resumes, and conduct short interviews. The Hurt Hub hosts and schedules the interview at a time that is convenient for both parties. The selected student will then begin working with the company, reporting their progress on a prearranged schedule, and entering their time in the campus system, Timeclock Plus. Gig-Hub workers are paid by the college on a bi-weekly schedule, at a rate of $13 per hour.

If you would like to be considered for a Videography/Photography/Art project, please submit your application to this job posting.

What are the hours?
The hours for most gigs are very flexible. Expectations for the number of hours per week and the total number of hours required will be part of the project description. Because Gig-Hub is an on-campus job, students should plan to work the majority of their hours at The Hurt Hub unless an exception is approved.